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Full Arch Fixed Reconstruction July 19- 20-21, 2019

Course Description

This two day dental training course is designed based on FlatOne® Abutment System for full-mouth rehabilitation cases using cross-arch stabilization. This in depth seminar and workshop is designed to present a comprehensive overview of both clinical and laboratory aspects. This conservative protocol includes augmentation instead of bone structure reductions.

The FlatOne Abutment system is characterized by having a broad, flat occlusal table eliminating the need for parallelism and is ideal for screw-retained bridges and bar cases. 

The participants will follow documented cases from the treatment planning phase all the way to surgical, laboratory and restorative phase.

Who should Attend?

Clinicians who want to learn how to perform a full-arch reconstruction utilizing highly esthetic, screw retained metal or ceramic bridge instead of hybrid denture. 

Screw Retained Bridge NOT a Hybrid Denture


Attendees at the end of the course should be able to:

  • Select and identify patients eligible for this type of treatment
  • Conduct CT/CBCT & model studies to plan surgical and prosthetic restoration
  • Coordinate with a dental laboratory the timely transitional restoration
  • Implement surgical and prosthetic plan
  • Deliver a full bridge a short period of time (72 hrs in most cases)
  • Troubleshoot cases
  • Digital dentistry for immediate loading implants. 

Tuition $3,000

Package includes: 

  • Hands-on Materials 
  • DTC Miami Certificate of Attendance 
  • Breakfast buffet, lunch and an evening cocktail 

Additional Cost: $ 1,500

1 Day Workflow Digital Dentistry for Flat One Abutment System