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A to Z Concepts of Oral Implantology April 27 – May 2, 2019 (Spanish) June 8 – 13, 2019 (English) 

Course Description

Our Intensive dental implant course of 6 days in which dentists will attain knowledge in concepts A to Z in Oral Implantology and an introduction to concepts of Orofacial Harmonization. We use technical and scientific bases to demonstrate the advances in implant dentistry. Our dental implant course discusses implant dentistry theories and implements them through a variety of hands-on activities. In this dental implant course, our participants observe live dental implant surgeries to visually grasp oral implantology performance. We want our participants to be able to attain knowledge and apply what is taught in their daily practice. Strengthen your understanding of oral implantology to provide top-tier dental care to your patients. 

This is one of the most hands-on, live surgeries, live demonstration and practical training compact dental implant courses. This is a great opportunity for general dentist who are interested in pursuing oral implantology and for dentists who would like to enhance their current dental skills. 

All Dentists are able to perform the Dental Implant Surgical Training. 

Day 1 Saturday April 27

Implant Dentistry & L-PRF
  • Nomenclature
  • Anatomical Landmarks
  • Types of Bone
  • Osseo-Integration Concepts
  • Socket Preservation
  • Clinical Cases 
  • L-PRF Protocols
  • Basics of Phlebotomy
  • Sticky Bone
  • Uses of L-PRF for Dental Techniques 
  • L-PRF Hands-On
  • Gummy Blocks

Day 2 Sunday April 28

Simple to Complex Implant Placement
  • TX Plan Strategies for Any Case from Simple to Complex
  • Know How to Use your Diagnostics Aids
  • Extraction, Grafting and Immediate Placement
  • Hands-On Plastic Mandibles
  • Software Manipulation and Digital Planning
  • Live Surgical Demos 
  • Surgical Guides
  • CBCT Cone-beam computed tomography

Day 3 Monday April 29

Multiple Implants and Restoration
  • Surgical Implant Placement and Restorative Steps for Implant Crown and Bridge

Case Presentation and Treatment Plans Alternatives:

  • Fixed Bridges Over Implants
  • Cemented vs Screw-Retained Restoration
  • Hybrid Fixed Restoration
  • Clinical Cases 
  • Full Zirconia Restorations, Cement-Retained vs Screw-Retained
  • Final Impression Techniques. Open and Closed Tray
  • Multi Abutment Restorations
  • How to Properly Manage Complications
  • Live Surgery Demo 
  • Hands-on Pig Jaws
  • Overdentures

Day 4 Tuesday April 30

Bone Graft and Soft Tissue Management
  • Horizontal and vertical bone growth 
  • Types of boundaries 
  • Soft Tissue Management
  • Healing and Scarring 
  • Graft Materials 
  • Specific Considerations 
  • Tissue without tension 

Day 5 Wednesday May 1

Sinus Lift
  • Sinus Lift Lateral Window Alveolar 
  • Sinus Lift Alveolar Ridge
  • Types of Bio-Modifiers and Barriers 
  • Grafting Materials and Autologous growth factors
  • Live Surgery 
  • Equipment Procedure
  • Complications Management  
  • Hands-on Pig Mandibles 


Day 6 Thursday May 2

L-PRF for Aesthetic Applications
  • Uses of L-PRF orofacial applications
  • Live demonstration and HANDS-ON
  • Hair growth application
  • Anti-aging, liquid plasma for lines of expression 
  • Dermotherapy using a plasma spray gun
  • Concepts of Orofacial Harmony 
  • Live Demo in Patients
  • Botox as a treatment for Bruxism 

Implant Surgical Training

The live patient implant training of our courses is for ALL DENTISTS.

  • We provide the patients or you can bring your own
  • Surgery requires scheduling 
  • Individual teaching basis
  • Equipment, Implants (1-3)
  • Surgeries will be conducted in either of our affiliated offices located in Kendall and Homestead


Early Bird Discount $500 before February 28 

Option 1: 5 days L-PRF & Implants $5500 

Option 2: 6 days L-PRF, Implants & Orofacial Harmony $6500

Requisitos para Doctores extranjeros:

  • Visa Americana
  • Certificación de Odontólogo graduado


  • 48 CE credits
  • Certificate of Attendance from DTC
  • All course materials required for the hands-on practice
  • Breakfast, lunch and evening cocktail