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Dental XP Simposium 2018

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Excellent weekend! Feb 8-10 Hollywood, FL Dr. Juan Carlos Buitrago and Dr. Lester Gil with Dr. Maurice Salama and Dr. Manuel De La Rosa at #DENTALXP 2018 and colleagues Dr. Jose Fernando Alvarez, complement their knowledge and use of new technological advances in Implant Dentistry..

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Reconocimiento recibido como Maestros de la Odontología

Reconocimiento recibido como Maestros de la Odontología para nuestros queridos Dr Juan Carlos Buitrago y Dr Lester Gil y como Centro Docente de Implantología más avanzado de Miami para Dental Training Center of Miami . Razones como esta, nos motivan cada día para continuar en la mejora continua.
Muchísimas gracias a Dental Tribune International con tan maravilloso artículo. https://la.dental-tribune.com/news/el-centro-docente-de-implantologia-mas-avanzado-de-miami/

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DTC – Building Facilities

For so many years , Dr. Buitrago and Dr. Gil have been coaching many doctors in their private practices.


Due to the fast changes on the world of Implant Dentistry, technology and materials increase the number of doctors looking for advance education with the real Hands-On training.

DTC courses not only offers Hands-On training on plastic mandibles or pigs jaws, but allows doctors to gain experience on patients as well.

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