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4, 5 or 6 Days Dental Implant Training Course: A to Z Concepts of Oral Implantology

Written by DTC Miami

Created 01/14/2019

Best Dental Implant Training

Many dentists consider taking dental implant training courses throughout the year. What should dentist be looking for when searching for dental implant courses? Dental implant training that provides theoretical and practical approaches are some of the qualities of a great dental implant course. Some other characteristics of stellar dental implant training consists of a variety of hands-on, live surgeries and demonstrations. These characteristics are important in obtaining higher-education learning opportunities.

Dental Implant Courses

Our course A to Z Concepts of Oral Implantology offers a variety of hands-on activities, live surgeries and live patient demonstrations. On our first day of this dental implant training course, our doctors learn the theories of L-PRF in implant dentistry and participate in an L-PRF hands-on activity. The L-PRF hands-on activity is a great opportunity for dentists to learn how to withdraw blood from a patient, how to use the FDA approved Intraspin centrifuge, how to create gummy blocks and other material derivatives. Why is an L-PRF hands-on activity important?

Many times the dentist is not withdrawing the blood from the patient because the dental assistant assists in this procedure. However, dentists should know how to confidently do the procedure and ensure that their dental staff execute it properly. This is very important in assuring patients.

Implant dentistry is a field of precision. Our second learning day, dentists learn the concepts of simple to complex implant placement and practice implant placement on plastic mandibles. Dental implant placement requires exactness, confidence and comfort for the dentist as well as the patient. Practicing how to place an implant on a plastic mandible is the first step to understanding the technique and skill of oral implantology. Our instructors, Dr. Gil and Dr. Buitrago give our doctors individualized attention to guide general dentists on how to properly place an implant. Placing an implant is one of the many steps to understanding the science of oral implantology.

After placing a dental implant, the following day doctors learn about multiple implants and restoration. Our instructors teach concepts like multi-abutment restorations and hybrid fixed restoration through clinical case presentations. The hands-on for this dental implant course is pig jaw implant placement. Placing several implants is more complex and requires continuous practice.

This is just a preview of what our dental implant training course, A to Z Concepts of Oral Implantology is about. We want to be part of your professional growth and help your practice succeed. Our course teaches doctors about single and complex implant placement, restoration sinus lift, bone grafting, L-PRF applications in dentistry and aesthetics and more. Learn more about our course now.