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We are offering Exceptional Courses

Continue your education in the field of modern dentistry. Our courses are Practical, Comprehensive & Affordable.

Simple to Complex Implant Placement / TBA
L-PRF for Dental & Esthetic Techniques / Aug 8, 2020
ELITE Surgical Training – Arranged Fridays & Saturdays
Advanced Sinus Lifting and Bone Augmentation / TBA
Full Mouth Rehabilitation over Implants. AUG 21-22, 2020
Simple to Complex Implant Placement / TBA

Use this dental implant training course to start implementing dental implants into your general practice. This is an introduction to dental implants and implant dentistry where participants get to perform hands-on implant placement with plastic mandibles and…

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DTC Miami Helping Doctors Enhance Surgical Skills

Our methodology makes dental implant training courses easy-to-learn and fast to understand. Obtain knowledge in our dental implant courses with live patient training, hands-on, one-on-one mentoring and live surgeries. There's more to dental implants than just bolts and screws! Further your career with the best oral implantology training. Perform your live patient surgical training now.

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General Objectives

To develop the skills and knowledge of dedicated dentists through innovative dental implant courses. Our mission is to ensure doctors fully comprehend scientific theories and be able to adequately perform procedures on patients. Through our hands-on activities, live surgery demonstrations, and live patient training we strive to achieve this.

Let Success Find You

By teaching basic concepts, diagnosis, treatment planning, dental implant selection, bone remodeling, cone beam imaging analysis, tooling and instrumentation, dentists further their expertise and provide their patients top-tier dental health care. We teach dentists how to manage dental implant complications. Through our one-on-one mentoring, we guide dentists on how to perform dental implant surgery.

Advanced Implant Training

We offer advanced implant training, courses designated for dentists in the subjects of Bone Grafting, L-PRF, Sinus Lift, complete implant rehabilitation, oral surgery and more. Implant dentistry is the main focus in our courses. Each course is designed to provide knowledge from basic to advanced implant training. Let us help you place your first dental implant and join our training program.

State-of-the-Art Implant Training Facility

Our on-site training facility allows attendees to have hands-on dental training using appropriate and sophisticated dental technology. Participants observe live implant training happening right within our center.

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