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Close More Treatment Plans

.Increasing new patient treatment plans is crucial to the success of a dental practice. What do statistics say about patient acceptance rates? What can dental offices do to increase their case acceptance?…READ MORE

Orofacial Harmony Concepts: Skin Boosters & Hyaluronic Acid

Skin boosters rejuvenate the skin by creating an even and well-rounded appearance. Skin boosters come in many brands, but it is composed of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found within the body. Most skin lotions include a topical layer of Hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and keep it healthy….READ MORE

Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation


Dental implants have been effective at restoring smiles throughout the world. Implant placement in cases of edentulism are more complex and require further understanding of oral implantology. Augmenting the size of the ridge presents the dimensions that are needed for stable implant placement. …READ MORE

Did you know Bruxism can be treated with Botox?


 Bruxism is commonly diagnosed and treated by a dentist. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “one survey estimates that 8% of adults grind their teeth at night and a study shows that more than a third of parents report symptoms of bruxism in their children.”(1). Bruxism has several options for treatment… READ MORE

4, 5 or 6 Days Dental Implant Training Course: A to Z Concepts of Oral Implantology

Best Dental Implant Training

Many dentists consider taking dental implant training courses throughout the year. What should dentist be looking for when searching for dental implant courses? Dental implant training that provides theoretical and practical approaches are some of the qualities of a great dental implant course. Some other characteristics of…READ MORE.

Dental Practices Case Acceptance Success

Increase Your Implant Case Acceptance

Building your patients within your practice requires certain skills and behaviors to close  dental implant cases. How do dental offices obtain higher case acceptance rates? Let’s discuss these 5 steps…READ MORE.

The Future of Health: Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells which have regenerative tendencies which can help treat many different conditions. Stem cells are not similar to other cells like blood cells, bone cells and the many other types of cells that exist within the human body. According to the National Institutes of Health, “When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become..READ MORE.

Why choose L-PRF?

L-PRF leukocyte platelet rich fibrin, is created by withdrawing blood from your patient which provides healing in implant dentistry casework. Many of your patients want healthy, stable and cost-effective dental implant work. Some patients arrive with one tooth missing, others with many teeth missing and some with all teeth missing. L-PRF facilitates the wound healing of dental implant surgery whether it be in cases of one implant placement, multiple implants or…READ MORE.

DSD Concepts Dentists, Designing Digital Smiles Today

The field of dentistry is quickly changing as technology continues to offer more accurate dental solutions for patients. Roles and duties in dentistry are evolving to address the needs of patient’s oral health and dental aesthetic appearance. Digital smile design is a concept that has impacted dentistry in the last 10 years….READ MORE.

Ozone Therapy and Anti-Aging

Ozone is a gas made up of 3 atoms of oxygen which was discovered in the 1840s. Ozone is commonly referenced to the ozone layer in our atmosphere which protects us from the potent UV solar rays. Similarly, ozone has healing properties which can be used in epidemiology and for rejuvenation. Ozone therapy uses ozone gas as a form of treatment for certain diseases…READ MORE.

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry is rapidly becoming a component of many worldwide practices. Numerous dentists are aware of the benefits that dental implants offer their patients. How much do they know about the financial profit for their practice?…READ MORE.

Botox and Dentistry

Many different dental problems can be solved or treated with Botox… It has not been very common in the field of dentistry and its uses may surprise you. ..READ MORE.

The Latest Tech of Dentistry: Dental Design Smile DSD for DMD and DDS

DSD is a treatment planning tool which digitizes a patient’s smile to facilitate…READ MORE.

Online Surgical Guide for Dentists

Guided Implant Surgery is a technological advancement in dentistry which aids dentists in preparing implant placement and many other implantological…READ MORE.

The Financial Benefits of Incorporating Dental Implants in Your Practice

Dental implants can help increase revenue at your dental practice…When considering to include implant dentistry in your practice, it is important to have guidance in how to provide this service to patients…READ MORE.

What Dentists need to Know about Bichectomy?

Why would a dentist benefit in knowing about Bichectomy? With this procedure, the dentist is able to provide more harmonization to the patient’s facial features like the cheeks, jawline and smile…READ MORE.

What do your patients and the public know about Implants?

You may know about dental implants, but are your patients well-informed? Is the public well-informed about dental implants? READ MORE.

Dentist Continue Your Education through CE Credits

While many courses are offered online to obtain continuing education credits, a live experience is definitely one of the best. Imagine two scenarios…READ MORE.

Crestal Approach and Lateral Window

The first sinus lift in the world was done in 1974, less than 50 years ago, by Dr. Hilt Tatum. Sinus lift has two different techniques known as Lateral Window and Crestal Approach…READ MORE.

The Power of Plasma in Aesthetics

By obtaining blood and transforming it into plasma, we develop many uses for it in the fields of medicine, dentistry and dermatology. Plasma has become a game changer for aesthetics…READ MORE.

Intensive Course of Oral Implantology 2018

The dentists obtained blood from each other and used the FDA-approved centrifuge IntraSpin. Some dentists had never even taken blood out before…READ MORE.

Bone Grafting

…some patients come in with little to no bone due to the tooth loss making it difficult to restore the missing tooth with an implant. Bone grafting is the solution to this challenge. According to the Journal of Pharmacy… READ MORE.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

According to Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, “Anti-Aging Dentistry is a way to actually change the facial features through changing the teeth, …READ MORE.

Restore Eligible Patients in a Day with FlatOne® Abutment System

According to a study by the Poseido Journal, using the Fisher’s Exact test resulted in a 95.8% success and survival implant rate for the procedure FlatOne…READ MORE.

Sinus Lift

Many patients arrive with an atrophic maxilla to your dental office. …A sinus lift, also known as a sinus augmentation is type of oral surgery to help stabilize implants where there is… READ MORE.

Why General Dentist must know Implants?

With all the advancements occurring, it is vital to comprehend implantology, and maintain yourself cultivated in the field of implantology. As a professional in the scientific field, dentists face… READ MORE.

The Best 6 Days of the Year for Dentists

The intensive course of oral implantology is 6 days long because dentists from other countries travel to participate.  However, this course is also offered to Florida licensed dentist as an opportunity to obtain CE credits…. READ MORE.

L-PRF, Regenerative Medicine

L-PRF is the most regenerative concept in medicine to facilitate osseo-integration with implants. According to POSEIDO… READ MORE.

Why should Dentists do CDE courses?

Considering the constant advances in the dental field, one aspect of a dentists’ career is staying up-to-date with… READ MORE.