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Anti-Aging Dentistry

Written by DTC Miami

Created 04/16/2018

Dentists now have the opportunity to provide patients with anti-aging solutions. Teeth start changing as we age, but innovative and more natural procedures can be implemented as a modern solution.


What is anti-aging dentistry?


According to Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, “Anti-Aging Dentistry is a way to actually change the facial features through changing the teeth, ,”(1). Anti-aging dentistry innovatively provides more natural and reliable solutions for maintaining a healthy smile and a young look. According to CBS News, “A dentist in Beverly Hills, Calif. is claiming that anti-aging dentistry can make a person look younger. The procedure works by tweaking a few aspects of the patient’s teeth, giving them fuller lips and less sagging skin.”(2). It is clear that your teeth affect the aging process. It is much better to tweak a few aspects of your teeth to maintain a younger appearance than opting for other risky procedures.

Photo: CBS News