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Dentist Continue Your Education through CE Credits

Written by DTC Miami

Created 06/11/2018

Continuing education credits are extremely important for many professionals like dentists, lawyers, teachers, nurses, doctors and others! While many courses are offered online to obtain continuing education credits, a live experience is definitely one of the best. Imagine two scenarios, one where you obtain continuing education credits through an online site or one where you obtain continuing education through networking, hands-on and much more.

An online course has its benefits like convenience, prices (in some cases), and flexibility. However, the reasons for participating in a live courses are extensive.

  • Observation of live surgeries

  • Networking with Fellow Dentists

  • Hands-on Activities

  • Ability to ask questions

  • Demonstrations of How to do a Technique

  • Teamwork Skills

  • Social Skills

Many aspects make DTC Miami a unique training facility. The passion of our instructors is evident. There are times when a patient comes by to show their confident and new smile. It motivates other dentists to give their patients the best smile possible. Our hands-on activities are as realistic as working in your own practice. In contrary to other courses, dentists have the opportunity to practice implants on plastic mandibles and pig jaws with the guidance of our instructors. Typical continuing education dental courses consist of the instructor performing a demonstration at the podium. Our instructors will offer individualized attention to every participate, answer any questions and demonstrate the safe and proper way to place an implant. During our live surgeries, we have two cameras point of view to facilitate the learning experience for our participants. One camera is in the perspective of the dentist who is performing the surgery and the other camera is from the perspective of the light from the patients chair. The experience at DTC Miami is unique. We provide continuing education credit hours and we are also an ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program. Join our team today!