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Online Surgical Guide for Dentists

Written by DTC Miami

Created 08/22/2018

What is Guided Implant Surgery? Why use it?  

Guided Implant Surgery is a technological advancement in dentistry which aids dentists in preparing implant placement and many other aspects of oral implantology. In essence, guided implant surgery is a concept that guides dentists who will perform implant surgery in a more predictable way. Ultimately, this will provide the patient with top-tier standard of care and better treatment outcomes. Using it is beneficial to both, the dentist and patient. Surgical guides are safe because they provide the limits for drilling and implant depth.


According to the Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences, “Implant complications are often inadvertent sequelae of improper diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical method, and placement. This can be overcome by using surgical guides for implant positioning.” (1). While there is other technology available, like panoramic radiography, there are limitations to this technology. However, the evolution of online surgical guides offer a greater scope for treatment planning and pre-surgical preparations.

Dr. August de Oliveira and Dr. Ryan C. Maher state, in their article,Guided implant surgery: Making sure dental implants are safe, predictable, and efficient, “With guided surgery, all the planning and “back and forth” with drilling, angulation, and depth is all figured out before the patient appears for surgery.”(2). Online surgical guide is one of the most effective and secure way to proceed for dental implant procedures.

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