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All Posts Tagged: Dental Implant Training Courses

Simple to Complex Implant Placement

Use this dental implant training course to start implementing dental implants into your general practice. This is an introduction to dental implants and implant dentistry where participants get to perform hands-on implant placement with plastic mandibles and observe live oral surgeries. Course Description: Learn how to implement dental implants into your daily practice with this […]

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The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Written by DTC Miami Created 10/03/2018 Implant dentistry is rapidly becoming a component of many worldwide practices. Numerous dentists are aware of the benefits that dental implants offer their patients. How much do they know about the financial profit for their practice? Dentist who are private practice owners have an idea regarding the profits in […]

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Workflow in Digital Dentistry Aug 17 – 18, 2019

Course Description Introducing Digital Implant Surgical Guide, a dental training course which assists in assembling your own surgical guide for precise implant dentistry. Learn how to fabricate a guide that will allow you to accurately place an implant in under minutes. This technique will completely guide you in every step from drilling to implant placement. […]

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Multiple Implants and Restoration

Course Description Our multiple implants and restoration course explains diverse cases of multiple implants through clinical case presentations, Understanding multiple dental implant produces is critical to restoring a patient’s smile.  We offer a hands-on dental implant course where participants practice implant placement on pig mandibles. Our instructors discuss decisive and key elements in implant dentistry […]

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Dentist Continue Your Education through CE Credits

Written by DTC Miami Created 06/11/2018 Continuing education credits are extremely important for many professionals like dentists, lawyers, teachers, nurses, doctors and others! While many courses are offered online to obtain continuing education credits, a live experience is definitely one of the best. Imagine two scenarios, one where you obtain continuing education credits through an […]

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Sinus Lift

Written by DTC Miami Created 04/09/2018   Many patients arrive with an atrophic maxilla to your dental office. Many complex and diverse cases appear throughout a dentist’s career making it crucial to know exactly what the aspects are of the case and what are the options for the patient. A sinus lift, also known as […]

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Bone Grafting

New Bone Growth Written by DTC Miami Created 04/27/2018 Being familiar with dental implants and implant placements means you should also be familiar with bone grafting. Bone grafting in dentistry is an important skill to know. As you know some patients come in with little to no bone due to the tooth loss making it […]

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