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The Best 6 Days of the Year for Dentists

Written by DTC Miami 

Created 03/19/2018

DTC Miami courses are usually taught during the weekend in order to prevent interrupting dentists in their daily practice. The intensive course of oral implantology is 6 days long because dentists from other countries travel to participate.  However, this course is also offered to Florida licensed dentist as an opportunity to obtain CE credits. Since we have a strong rapport with our dentists, we take into consideration travelling expenses. This course is a great opportunity to network with dentists from all over the world. We offer the course itinerary under our courses tab, but today we want to discuss the experience of the course. We want our participants to feel confident in participating in this course.

The Experience


DTC Miami wants to ensure all our attendees are excited, attentive and satisfied. Before the instructors begin lecturing, we offer a variety of breakfast foods. We want our participants to embrace the Miami atmosphere, so we provide cuban coffee and cafe con leche. After coffee and breakfast, our instructors Dr. Buitrago and Dr. Gil begin introducing nomenclature and anatomical points of reference. We want all our dentists to familiarize themselves and feel comfortable with the terminology. The lecture further discusses concepts of oseo-integration and types of bone used for oral implantology. After lecturing, dentists have the opportunity to observe a live surgery.


Everyday for 6 days dentists get to observe a live surgery. DTC Miami uses several learning styles. We use visual, aural, verbal and social learning styles. Our instructors use clinical cases to teach our participants about oral implantology and further in the course, the complexities of oral implantology.  Besides, observing a live surgery, every single day of the course we offer a hands-on portion. We want our dentists to start understanding all the concepts associated with oral implantology. This course covers topics from A to Z in the oral implantology field.


We offer all the hands-on materials and provide individualized attention when participating in this activity. The hands-on activities are done according to the topic that was taught for the day. For dentists, licensed in Florida they have the opportunity to perform a surgical part with the assistance of one of our instructors. The 6 day course is the perfect opportunity to perfect your understanding of theory and your skills in everyday practice.