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Did you know Bruxism can be treated with Botox?

Written by DTC Miami

Created 01/25/2019

  This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA.

Bruxism is commonly diagnosed and treated by a dentist. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “one survey estimates that 8% of adults grind their teeth at night and a study shows that more than a third of parents report symptoms of bruxism in their children.”(1). Bruxism has several options for treatment like nightguards and therapy. Furthermore, the symptoms of Bruxism need to be treated as well. Addressing the tooth wear or fracture by crown placements or performing root canals is another aspect of Bruxism treatment.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA.


“According to the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics, botox can be used to help treat temporomandibular joint disorder (tmd), bruxism, orthodontic therapy and removable prosthodontics (2). Bruxism or teeth grinding can be treated using botox to relax the muscles in the face, especially, when other forms of treatment are not effective.”

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