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Why choose L-PRF?

Healing Tendencies for Your Patients

Written by DTC Miami

Created 11/30/2018

L-PRF, leukocyte platelet rich fibrin, is created by withdrawing blood from your patient which provides healing in implant dentistry casework. Many of your patients want healthy, stable and cost-effective dental implant work. Some patients arrive with one tooth missing, others with many teeth missing and some with all teeth missing. L-PRF facilitates the wound healing of dental implant surgery whether it be in cases of one implant placement, multiple implants or full mouth restorations.


L-PRF Multi-Purpose

As a result of L-PRF’s healing tendencies, L-PRF can be used within other medicine fields to repair different types of medical work performed. In dentistry, L-PRF is particularly used for oral surgery and implant dentistry. Before, it was common to use animal derivatives to assist in osseo-integration and wound healing after dental implant placement. L-PRF, an autogenous derivative easily obtained from a patient’s blood is now being used to promote efficient and effective dental implant wound healing. L-PRF can be used in different clinical case scenarios making it a multi-purpose membrane. L-PRF assists in the successful binding of dental implants within the mouth. L-PRF can be used for single implant placement, multiple implant placement, sinus lift, bone grafting and full mouth-restoration procedures.

l-prf course

Bone Grafting

L-PRF has regenerative characteristics which promotes bone growth and accelerated healing. The combination of L-PRF for the bone grafting technique leads to successful dental implant clinical cases. Bone grafting materials and L-PRF stimulates bone growth in the jawbone. This procedure permits patients to have the stable bone within their jaw and osseointegration for the dental implant.


For these reasons, we are offering our course L-PRF for Dental and Orofacial Techniques to provide further clinical understanding of L-PRF and its applications.