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Restore Eligible Patients in a Day with FlatOne® Abutment System

Written by DTC Miami

Created 04/13/2018

FlatOne® Abutment is a dental procedure like no other because it gives the patient the opportunity to have new teeth instantly. It allows for immediate loading of dental implants in patients who suffer toothlessness. According to a study by the Poseido Journal, using the Fisher’s Exact test resulted in a 95.8% success and survival implant rate for the procedure FlatOne® Abutment (1).  Clearly, the science behind FlatOne® Abutment works for effectively restoring patients.


FlatOne® Abutment is a dental procedure that allows dentists to save time and patients to save money. It reduces chairside-time and laboratory costs. This procedure is not like a hybrid denture or bridges over crowns.


FlatOne® Abutment has a flat occlusal table precisely matches with the cylinders in the prosthetic framework ensuring that the load of the restoration is supported by a wide, flat platform (2). Another study discussed in Dentistry Today, confirms the efficacy of FlatOne® abutment because the patient follow-up was 5 years with successful results (3). Evidently, the science and success rate supporting this procedure is phenomenal. Therefore, dentists should be learning about how FlatOne® Abutment works and if it is the right choice for your patients. The success rates of implants is incrementing which makes it crucial to learn innovative techniques such as FlatOne® Abutment.


For this reason, we offer the course FlatOne Abutment (Full Arch Fixed Reconstruction), so that dentist can learn how to implement this technique in their practice. Our instructors Dr. Juan Buitrago and Dr. Lester Gil inform dentists of the types of patients that are eligible, how to plan for this procedure, and how to deliver the case in a short period of time. The FlatOne® Abutment system was developed by Intra-Lock International over the years and is a simple, yet predictable procedure. We will have guest speaker Dr. Thierry Giorno, CEO and Director of Research and Development from Intra-Lock International directly discuss the FlatOne® Abutment system with our attendees. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.