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ELITE Surgical Training – Arranged Fridays & Saturdays

Our Elite Surgical Training is  designated for dentists who want to become experts in the subjects of Bone Grafting, L-PRF, Sinus Lift and Complete Implant Rehabilitation.

What can you achieve with Elite Surgical Training?

  • Learn by directly training in a Live Patient
  • Increase Your $ Income
  • Intensive Surgical Practice in 2-Day Course *Only Fridays and Saturdays
  • One-on-One Mentoring by Dr. Juan C. Buitrago
  • Analyze and Discuss Patient CBCT
  • Treatment Plan Analysis
  • Develop Your Surgical Skills
  • Confidence in Implant and Oral Surgery
  • Learn the Latest Techniques in Implantology
  • Offer Quality of Care
  • Diversify Your Professional Skills

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