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The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Written by DTC Miami

Created 10/03/2018

Implant dentistry is rapidly becoming a component of many worldwide practices. Numerous dentists are aware of the benefits that dental implants offer their patients. How much do they know about the financial profit for their practice?

Dentist who are private practice owners have an idea regarding the profits in implant dentistry. Implant profitability is not as discussed as the benefits for restoring a patient’s smile. Nonetheless, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, “The estimated U.S. and European market for dental implants is expected to reach $4.2 billion by 2022.” (1). Financial benefits of dental implants are one of the many beneficial components of implant dentistry. While financial growth of the dental implant market is expected to grow, the number of U.S. dentists placing implants is 10% (2). Evidently, this number is increasing surely due to the financial gain in this market among many other reasons. According to Dental Economics, Dr. Levin and Dr. Judy discuss the top 10 reasons for flourishing trends in implant dentistry as:

  1. Dental implants quality and ease of use

  2. Change and perception in American society

  3. Cosmetic dentistry (patient smile)

  4. Implant success rates

  5. Implementation of dental school curriculum

  6. Improvement since the 1980s

  7. Better option for edentulous patients

  8. Faster completion time

  9. Increased insurance coverage

  10. Consumer marketing


Growth of Implant Dentistry

Many of these reasons for growth in implant dentistry are evident. However, we are going to elaborate on some of these. For example reason number 2 pertains to how american society has changed its perception regarding beauty and youth. Dental implants provide a more youthful smile. As times change, society expects newer and better technology to aid in maintaining a younger and aesthetic look. According to Dental Economics,

“Patients need to think of implants not as an expensive luxury, but as a standard quality-of-care option. It is important for dental professionals to educate patients about all the benefits that implants have over other treatment options. Remember, no other option has a more natural and unobtrusive fit and feel than implants or implant-retained denture prostheses. Smiling and chewing are basic patient desires.”(3).

Dental implant information is not just marketed by dental professionals, but also by implant manufacturers. Patients can instantly learn about dental implants from implant manufacturing companies as well as dental offices. Implant dentistry is trending financially, on the web, from dental implant patients and more. Now is the time to implement dental implants in your practice.